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APRIL 8th, 2010
1052 hours

yesterday, i went for the driving lesson again. i'm driving at a good health. that means i'm okay on it. no nervous feeling like the first time i drove the car before. when i finished the 3 side parking, Miss Ling instructed me to park at the side. and so, i did. she came to my side and i opened the door.

Miss Ling :: so, you'll be taking your pra on april 17th, that is on saturday.

i was shocked shocked. apuuuu. the other day, she said i will have my pra on april 20th. now it is postponed to april 17th. warghhhhh. then my adrenaline just went up so high. i was nervous.

Miss Ling :: why do want to be nervous? don't worry. the people here are all sporting.

hell yeah, they "ARE" for you. not for me. oh damn. why am i nervous for this pra thingy. maybe because everybody said it was that hard and difficult to pass. but if i have that faith that i will pass, i will pass. i pray that i will manage to pass.

oh God, i pray.

i pray so that on that day, i manage to do it all. Amen.

i wanna drive the car now. i am eager of doing so. ahahahaha. i just need a license to approve that i am a DRIVER. ohohoo.
*wink :)

thanks for reading :)

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