romance - ku ingin kamu

Demi semua yang aku jalani bersamamu,
Ku ingin kau jadi milikku,
Ku ingin kau disampingku.

Tanpa dirimu ku hanya manusia tanpa cinta,
Dan hanya dirimu yang bisa,
Membawa syurga dalam hatiku.

Ku ingin engkau menjadi milikku,
Aku akan mencintaimu,
Menjagamu selama hidupku,
Dan aku kan berjanji,
Hanya kaulah yang kusayangi,
Ku akan setia disini,

Bagaikan tangan sang dewi cinta,
Yang berhiaskan bunga asmara,
Dan membuatku tak kuasa.

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Di setiap arung gerakmu,
Tersimpan di hati kecilku,
Bahwa dirimu terindah untukku

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Selama ku masih bisa bertahan,
Selama ku masih bisa bernafas,
Selama Tuhan masih mengijinkan,
Ku ingin selalu menjagamu.

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Selama ku masih bisa bertahan,
Selama ku masih bisa bernafas.

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cold night

JANUARY 27th, 2010
2333 hours

waa. its a cold cold night. need hugs to warm up. burrr. indeed tonight i felt like i have the symptoms of having the flu disease. not the H1N1. ahaa.silly thinking. its because of raindrops fell on me when i entered the church just now. why oh why. its my fault too when mamy asked me to use the umbrella. but nooo. i reject her advice. urghhh. no need to regret then. passt is past. sick remains till the end. till i get better again :)

anyways, lets get to the point. after my mamy dropped me at the front of the church. i went on and waited for her at the entrance. oh my. people already started. i waited and waited till she came. she came using the umbrella and we walked towards the entrance. as she placed the umbrella at the outside grill, she entered in. followed by me ofcourse. ahaa. as i entered in. i saw straight forward there at the altar.

omg. is that him?

i looked again. with sharpness in my retina. ahaa. yes! its him. after that, my mamy went on to search for the sit for both of us. after that, next thing i know it, we were sitting at the front place like we used to.

awww. why should we sit here. it is sooo to the front. people can see clearly. from the back to the front. gerr.

after that, i saw him. in front of me. waduhh. bikin sakit mata aku aja. tlalu sinar. ehe. i just stand and act like i dont know his existance there. along the mass, my cellphone vibrates.

ouh. maybe its the text message from karen. no need to bother.

so, i just let it be then. after the mass, then there's the holy hour. and there's him again. zomg. he was sooo ..... i just cant describe it with words. i was afraid to look straight towards his eyes. afraid that i might fall in love again. ahaaa. seriously. i meant it. after the holy hour finished, we all went home. my mamy and i went on and went outside the church. as i was outside the church, i took my cellphone out to read the message of whom that person was. when i opened it, it was from him! that altar boy. i just read the text message and waited for him outside because he wrote in the message that he wanted to meet. but the text message was 30 minutes ago. so, i decided to wait for him outside. but to disappointment, he was busy talking to this person that he called uncle. dont know uncle who. didnt bother to ask also. after the long wait and my mamy's car was approaching, with sad face, i went inside the car and my mamy drove on. i looked at him when the car passed by.

oh, how sweet he is. unfortunately, i didnt have the chance to talk to him. gerrr.

as my mamy drove and lead the way, i received text message from him. waaa. why why why did we didnt have the chance always. so sad when get to think of it. uhuuu. after we didnt manage to meet at the church, we were texting and texting. until comes to this one particular scene when i told him that i was sitting at my backyard. watching the rain falls. he sent me a text message about rain and it sounds like this.

cuba tangkap air hujan.. sebanyak mana yang awak dapat tangkap.. sebanyak itulah rindu awak pada saya.. TETAPI.. sebanyak mana yang terlepas.. sebanyak itulah rindu saya pada awak..

after i received that text message, i suddenly smiled. ehe. he really knows how to attract me. after that, we text and text till the clock strikes 2215 hours like that. he told me that he wanted to go to sleep. after all, he got complained to me saying that he had a headache. so, he text me saying take care, goodnight, sweetdreams, gbu & imy soo much. and that makes me smiled widely. i replied his text by writing take care to you too, sweetdreams & sleep tight. God bless you too. ehe. imyt. miss you soo muchh. nytes.

thats the end of it. aww. how i wish that we really have the chance to talk just now. emm. maybe the time has not come yet. maybe some other time we will. yaaa. we will. someday. aint that right?

anyways, time shows 0010 hours. its past midnight and i havent sleep yet. mamy told me to sleep early so that i wont get any pimples again. yaa. i smiled after hearing she said that.

okay then. got to go. God bless all.

i HEART you :)

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i passed?

JANUARY 26th, 2010
1303 hours

ahahhaaaa. i passed my table test. finally. sigh. now all i have to do is to book for the course after that. i myself cant believe i passed. when finished answering the questions, i click YES. finally, it says PASSED! omg. omg. ahahaaaa. cant imagine my heart was full of merry. cant wait to have my hands on the wheels. cant wait to go cruising on my own.

anyways, i miss him. waaaa. been busy eyy you? haiz. miss seeing your naughty face. ahaaa.

madbecauseofyourlovemrelekson. mad i tell you.

.OUT now.

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old pictures. oldies.

JANUARY 22th, 2010
0938 hours

today is chris darren's birthday. yaaa. i get to know him also in facebook. even though we went to the same school together. ahahaa. either way, happyy birthday to youu!

back to the main topic. oldies pictures. i had lots and tons of them. waaa. its the memories though.
i really miss my long front hair there. gerrr. grow faster you! i wannt you back.
love the windyy blow hair at this time. ngahhh :(

i really miss my old hair. ouh damnit. geez.

my curl curl hair. waaa. i miss you!

they say i have big eyes. so, i just say YES!

really love this time. arghhh. miss you oldies!

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rama band - bertahan

Lihat aku disini
Kau lukai
Hati dan perasaan ini
Tapi entah mengapa
Aku bisa memberikan maaf padamu

*Mungkin karena..Cinta..
Kepadamu tulus dari dasar hatiku

Mungkin karena..Aku..
Berharap kau dapat mengerti cintaku

Lihat aku disini
Walau kau sering menyakiti
Hingga air mataku
Tak dapat menetes dan habis terurai

Back to *

Meski kau terus sakiti aku
Cinta ini
Akan selalu memaafkan
Dan aku Percaya nanti engkau
Mengerti bila cintaku takkan mati


sukeee sgt2 an laguu tuu. waaaa. liriknya bgtu myntuh atyy. uhuu.
sy sygkn dirimu, sygku.
tlalu syg.
bila lh kta akn jmpa lgi.
sy rnduu sgt2 an syg bh..
nk hug syg jg.

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sooo sweeett of you

JANUARY 21th, 2010
1128 hours

awwww. i am totally missin' him soooo muchh. waaaa. this past few days, was the extravagant for me. he said the sweetest thing ever. how i wish you are right next to me at that time so that i will pinch your cheeks till it turns red. uhuuu. you are totally sweet sweetish. ahahaaaa. yesterday we text and text at night. unfortunately he's out of credit. geez. damnit.

i am missin' you soo muchh bh!

wanna know what we text? ahaha. well, the content of the messages are mostly says IMY and ILY.

him : IMY & ILY soooooooo muchh.
me : ok2. lets be equal. you miss me & i miss you. you love me & i love you. equal kn?
him : yaaaa. equal2. ehe.

then, there were a LOTS and LOTSAA imy & ily that we said. ahahaaa. love the moment. really cant wait to meet him again. geez. he even say that i am amazing. OMG. you are amazing too, babe. ouh. ouh. did i just said that word again? uhuuu. i dont like using that word again. it reminds me of HER. because she called herself babe too. cisss.

anyway, i HEART u and i know u will surely say i HEART u too.

ehe. really miss you so much bh.


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last night

JANUARY 17th, 2010
0945 hours

it was a crazy & wild conversation that i had last night. yaaa. last night. at first, we text & text since 8pm maybe. i forgot already. then after a long texting hour, he asked me to call him and don't ask why. i was like urghh? so, i dialed his number and i didn't have to wait long because he immediately picked it up. ehe. we talked and talked and laughed non-stop. omg. i never laughed that hard ever before. he just love making jokes and made me laugh on top of my voice. then, there's this conversation that we had that i will never ever forget.

him : actually i had something to say but i don't know how to begin it. how arr?
me : you want to say what??
him : wait. wait. [ breathe in ] okay. okay. i am afraid to say it to you.
me : why wanna be afraid? its not like i am in front of you right now.
him : but i can see your vision of face right now. in front of me.
me : alarrr. just don't think like that. just say what you want to say.
him : better no need then. i really don't have the guts to say it.
me : aeee. just say it bh. i want to know.
him : okay. okay. emmmmmmm. i.m.y.
me : arrr? imy?
him : yaaa. i.m.y. i just wanna say that to you.
me : what's imy? i don't know that word eyyy.
him : aeee. you purposely say that you don't know. indeed you know it too bh.
me : ahahaaa. okay. its i miss you aite?
him :: yaaaaaaaaaaa. now you know it. just now you purposely say you don't know. neyy.
me : ahahahaahaha. just PURPOSELY say like that bh.

then, there's a lots and lotsa topics we talked about and i am sooooo not good writing so many of it. ahaha. sorry. but overall after talking with him on the cellphone, it was silly and hilarious though. i laughed the most during our conversation. it was like urghhh. like what he had said " feel layannnn jk palak after say those 3 words ". and i was like ... wtf? ahahaa. as if taking the nospen though. ehe

anyways, i felt soo crazy last night and i am sooo eager to meet him again. geez. wanna pinch those cheeks of him. ahahahaa.


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JANUARY 7th, 2010
0846 hours

got nothing to do.
again i created a new blogging site where i can share everything like what i had done here.
click the link below to view.


and again..

thanks for reading :)

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soo sad ='(

JANUARY 6th, 2010
2018 hours

im sooo damn sad. mummy getting sick again. although 2 days of sick leave, she still sick till now.

"how am i going to work tomorrow if i'm still like this?"

that was what she had said before we sat and had our dinner.

i pity for you, mummy.

even though you are sick or at your worst, you still managed to do things like you usual do. i am proud of you, mummy. be strong, mummy. i know you can handle it. i know you can fight it so that you can be healthy again. i know because once before you had managed to fight your diseases. now, i'm sure you can be strong again, mummy. stay strong, mummy.

i lovee you, mummy.

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facebook =)

JANUARY 6th, 2010

1123 hours

my page at facebook. but i already updated my account just now so i won't look like the above screen shots.

waaa. i really don't know what to do. thus, my tummy gives that rawrrr sound. ahaaa.
wanna eat but what am i gonna eat? huh. currently listening to dear maria, count me in by all time low. chatting with daphyyyy at facebook and playing that restaurant city game.
sooooooooo boredd maaa.
so, i took this snap shots of me.

really i don't have nothing else to do.
in spite from that, so i snap pictures of mine.
with the hearts of black.
anyways, i HEART you =)


thanks for reading :)

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gain the spirit?

JANUARY 4th, 2010
1237 hours.

i went to the school this morning. the school still looked the same for me. i recalls many memories. for 5 years i study there. now i realize how that school gives me the effect. i really miss the whole school life i had. with my friends & teachers. too much sweet & bitter memories that were unfold and tie with a ribbon and placed inside a big giant enormous box of memories.

school life is the life of joyful that i will never ever ever forget.
i love my school.
i love my teachers.
i love my friends.
i love my buddies.
i love them all.

if only i wish i can stay and recall all the memories at the school for as long as i like.

anyways, i just cry again today. i feel so sad. i don't know why. my tears now are easily to fall down and i can't bare shedding it again. i can't bare it at all. i'm too weak. too weak to love. somehow, i tried. i manage and all i wish now is that, i want to be happy.

i'm happy go lucky.

thanks for reading :)

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