cold night

JANUARY 27th, 2010
2333 hours

waa. its a cold cold night. need hugs to warm up. burrr. indeed tonight i felt like i have the symptoms of having the flu disease. not the H1N1. ahaa.silly thinking. its because of raindrops fell on me when i entered the church just now. why oh why. its my fault too when mamy asked me to use the umbrella. but nooo. i reject her advice. urghhh. no need to regret then. passt is past. sick remains till the end. till i get better again :)

anyways, lets get to the point. after my mamy dropped me at the front of the church. i went on and waited for her at the entrance. oh my. people already started. i waited and waited till she came. she came using the umbrella and we walked towards the entrance. as she placed the umbrella at the outside grill, she entered in. followed by me ofcourse. ahaa. as i entered in. i saw straight forward there at the altar.

omg. is that him?

i looked again. with sharpness in my retina. ahaa. yes! its him. after that, my mamy went on to search for the sit for both of us. after that, next thing i know it, we were sitting at the front place like we used to.

awww. why should we sit here. it is sooo to the front. people can see clearly. from the back to the front. gerr.

after that, i saw him. in front of me. waduhh. bikin sakit mata aku aja. tlalu sinar. ehe. i just stand and act like i dont know his existance there. along the mass, my cellphone vibrates.

ouh. maybe its the text message from karen. no need to bother.

so, i just let it be then. after the mass, then there's the holy hour. and there's him again. zomg. he was sooo ..... i just cant describe it with words. i was afraid to look straight towards his eyes. afraid that i might fall in love again. ahaaa. seriously. i meant it. after the holy hour finished, we all went home. my mamy and i went on and went outside the church. as i was outside the church, i took my cellphone out to read the message of whom that person was. when i opened it, it was from him! that altar boy. i just read the text message and waited for him outside because he wrote in the message that he wanted to meet. but the text message was 30 minutes ago. so, i decided to wait for him outside. but to disappointment, he was busy talking to this person that he called uncle. dont know uncle who. didnt bother to ask also. after the long wait and my mamy's car was approaching, with sad face, i went inside the car and my mamy drove on. i looked at him when the car passed by.

oh, how sweet he is. unfortunately, i didnt have the chance to talk to him. gerrr.

as my mamy drove and lead the way, i received text message from him. waaa. why why why did we didnt have the chance always. so sad when get to think of it. uhuuu. after we didnt manage to meet at the church, we were texting and texting. until comes to this one particular scene when i told him that i was sitting at my backyard. watching the rain falls. he sent me a text message about rain and it sounds like this.

cuba tangkap air hujan.. sebanyak mana yang awak dapat tangkap.. sebanyak itulah rindu awak pada saya.. TETAPI.. sebanyak mana yang terlepas.. sebanyak itulah rindu saya pada awak..

after i received that text message, i suddenly smiled. ehe. he really knows how to attract me. after that, we text and text till the clock strikes 2215 hours like that. he told me that he wanted to go to sleep. after all, he got complained to me saying that he had a headache. so, he text me saying take care, goodnight, sweetdreams, gbu & imy soo much. and that makes me smiled widely. i replied his text by writing take care to you too, sweetdreams & sleep tight. God bless you too. ehe. imyt. miss you soo muchh. nytes.

thats the end of it. aww. how i wish that we really have the chance to talk just now. emm. maybe the time has not come yet. maybe some other time we will. yaaa. we will. someday. aint that right?

anyways, time shows 0010 hours. its past midnight and i havent sleep yet. mamy told me to sleep early so that i wont get any pimples again. yaa. i smiled after hearing she said that.

okay then. got to go. God bless all.

i HEART you :)

thanks for reading :)

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