happy 2010!

JANUARY 1st, 2010
0044 hours.

its new year already. yarghh! can't believe that its new year's day. wuhuuu. gonna miss the year of 2009. too many sweet & bitter memories that i had encounter. now, turning a new leaf to 2010. yesss!

got happy new year messages from daniel, neelwana, karen, titus, stevenson, debra and many more. can't list them all though. ahaaa. well, thanks for the wishes!

i loveeee youuuuu alllll!!!!!

thanks for reading :)

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happy birthday, bonny!

DECEMBER 31st, 2009
0128 hours

its bonny's birthday today.
turning 22 years already.
happyyy birthday to you, cuzzie.
sorry for not celebrating your birthday with you at sibu there.
no time though.
anyways, i can only wish you a happy birthday.

be grateful because you already had your own iphone.
i am envy of you.
happyyyyy birthdayyyyy, cuzzie!!

thanks for reading :)

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something i never had

Do you see me
Do you feel me like I feel you
Call your number
I can not get through
You don't hear me and I dont understand
When I reach out I dont find your hand

Were they wasted words and did they mean a thing
And all our precious time but I still feel so in between

Some day I just keep pretending
That you'll stay dreaming of a diffrent ending
I wanna hold on but it hurts so bad
And I can't keep something that I never had

I keep telling myself things can turn around with time
And if I wait it out you could always change your mind
Like a fairy tale where it works out in the end
Can I close my eyes have you lying here again
Then I come back down
Then I fade back in
Then I realize its just what might have been.


Am I a shadow on your wall
Am I anything at all
Anything to you
Am I a secret that you keep
Do you dream me while your sleeping after all
Some day I just keep pretending
That you'll stay dreaming of a diffrent ending
I wanna hold on but it hurts so bad
And I can't keep something that I never had
That I never had
I wanna hold on but it hurts so bad
And I can't keep something that I never had
You dont see me, you dont feel me like I feel you

p/s someday i just keep pretending
and i know i can't keep something that i never had.
but you will be the one i love.

thanks for reading :)

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stereo skyline

DECEMBER 29th, 2009
they are the stereo skyline.
they are the hottest band boys that i had ever see.
what more to say with the songs that they had made.
one of the song that had became my number one favorite now is heartbeat.
so my baby keep my beat, beat, beating.

i lovee brian maddox the most!!


he's way hotter and cuteeeeeerr!
p/s loveeee brian maddox!

thanks for reading :)

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DECEMBER 28th, 2009

currently listening to body language by jesse mcCartney feat t-pain.

the day is quite hot. no rain. i wanntttt the day to rain. i want cold weather. waaaa. lmaoo. i feel awful.
should i go there?? should i?
naaaa. nooo..
i don't wannaaaa..
i wannaaa stayy homee.
homee is my homeyyy.

savee me!

thanks for reading :)

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waa. that's the christmas tree that i had decorated. alone. ahaa. with the help of my mum with the white snow. ehe. anyways, this christmas year at sibu was totally awesome. ngahh. with all of my cousins that attended and celebrate the christmas TOGETHER. weee! merry, merry it is! eventhough, i can't meet someone though. geez.
i really really want to meet u.
but you were the one that always and always DID NOT reply my messages.
i text you a LOTS of time telling you that i am near to your house.
but nooooooo..
you ain't replying my text.
i tried to be calm and yes.
i had managed to calm myself.

anyways, i went to the sacred heart's church at the town. the people were so CROWDED even i myself can't even barely BREATHE halfway there.
as we were already had our own seats, my eyes SCAN on every position and every angle. SCANNING for HOT GUYS on the block.
then, i catch a glimpse of one figure.

eyyy. i think i know that guy.

i told my mum and my cousin. then, my mum called on him.


after the second time my mum called, he turned and saw us.
he's got a DATE with him.

that's why he ain't "realizing" our presence here.

then my cousin made a signal sign.

soooo short.

ahaa. i understand every little bit of what he said so.
to my amazement, the couple were sitting at the same row same as ours.
then, my brother change his seats. sitting next to my cousin. then, they talked and talked. after the eucharist, i saw the girl sitting alone there. when i past by her, i swift my cell phone hand-strip at her face.

my cell phone hand-strip was long enough to swift at her face.

and it hits her face.
i don't know whether she got complaint about it to my cousin a.k.a her BF.
then, after the mass, we went home.
so tired though.
my eyes were so HEAVY.
feel like haven't slept for how many days.

heyyy. heyyy.
i got bunch of photos to upload.
wanna see?

this was the time when my friends and I went to the tanjung batu beach after our pmr exam had finished on 2007.
from left is katerina, elliecia, phristella, tiffany, shyarrine, emmalin, neelwana, me, evelyn and sylvia.


i really miss hanging out with my friends. my beloved D'KREPTSENSES!
ever know what that stands for?


i heart you, my dear!

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beautiful scene

ain't the scene wonderful. i captured lots and lots of pictures in sabah that time.

but seriously i ain't got the chance to snap the pictures of the hottest guys there

ahaa. it was a fun trip and exhausting at the same time. my family and I went to the one borneo, the hypermall and many places. the hypermall was indeed a hyper! i love to go there again. every shops that i entered was all selling branded item and accessories. haiz. i spent most of my pocket money there.

without using the car that we had rent, my parents and I went to the Philippines market near the Le Meridien Hotel. we walked and walked almost the whole day. yes, i say! i love watching the sight-seeing. i love the time when the nights come and then we would went to the night market to buy foods to fill in our appetite. raw fresh fishes, cuttle fish and squids were seen everywhere. the smell of delicious delicacy were sense everywhere. i can't stop from sniffing the good foods.

as i walked by the stalls there, i saw a guy. yes, a typical sabahan guy. what makes me attracted to him was his t-shirts. i love the sayings on the back of his shirt. you wanna know what was it?

but i design the banner above myself. ehe. only the sayings that i had remembered. the guy that was using the t's was quite an attractive too. ahaaa.

its almost the end of 2009. arghh. can't even believe that its year end already. then, it will be 2010. wahh. the year past so fast. can't believe i am getting older now. ahaaa. whatsoever.

i miss my fellow geng, my fellow girlfriends and my fellow classmates. i miss you all my friends.

p/s friends FOREVER!
i make this banner of our names.

thanks for reading :)

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holidays,holidays && holidays.

its been a long time since i last updated my blog. haiz. going here & there. its quite exhausting though. after the exam on 8/12/09 (exam spm. uhuu!) ,i had been going for vacations non-stop. tired,tired i tell you. sigh. been going to sabah,miri and sibu. guys were damn HOT! ahaa. can't doubt it though. ehe. what to do. my eyes can't let go from watching them from the distance.

anyways,i don't know what to say actually. i'm out of idea and yea i'm blur.

xmas this year i'm gonna celebrate it at sibu as usual with my family, my cousins & my grandparents. ahaa. even i can't wait to meet that someone. ehe. eitherway, that's only i can say. i am REALLY out of idea.

p/s contact me. xP

thanks for reading :)

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sadly we are all school leavers =(

haiz. we are the school leavers already. ahaa. can't believe it but its true. well,our last paper just now was the chemistry paper 3. it took only 1 hour and 30 minutes and i finished the paper only about an hour. maybe it didn't come to an exact of an hour. ahaa. as i done the last section,i saw bryan called on the invigilator and he made the signal that he wanna went out.

"gosh" i said.

he went out from the room,took his beg and went down the stairs. i glanced at debra and elliecia. they were both doing their own project. ahaa. too focus on completing and answering the question. about a few minutes after that,i put my hand up and told the invigilator that i had done and wanna went out. she came and took the question paper and smiled.

"bring that paper as the memory for you"she said.

i smiled. took my beg and went off.

i sighed.

at last the exam is over. spm is done! as i went down the stairs for the last time (wuhuuu),i heard chit-chat from the below and as i reached the spot,i saw shyarrine, bryan, resty and stevenson were there chattering about. as i approached them, bryan said;

"ahaa. u came out late than i do," and bryan smiled.

then, we were chattering about the exam and all. EVERYTHING! gahh! then, one by one my friends came. evelyn, phristella, neelwana, emmalin, debra and elliecia. we were smiled at each other. ehee. it was fun though. then, i sat down on the floor.

nayhh. nobody cares if i sat down on the floor.

then, bryan and neelwana joined me. ahaa. at least there are some people that joined me in the end. after that, we talked and talked about the past and the future. it was a flashback of every memories that we all have together. then, the moment of sadness came. bryan took out his handphone and played the sad saddest song. guess what song? its "pergi" by Aizat. aiguu. there's tears in my eyes that about a few seconds would drop anytime. wuhuu. im so freaking sad. its all bryan's fault! iskhh.

after that, we went to the DEWAN TERATAI to take our "sijil berhenti sekolah". along the way, resty told me, neelwana and bryan to sign our signature at her clothes. her baju kurung ma. ehe. we all surrounded her and made the signature. then came glenda, eunice and raphael. the crowd went so wild though. ahaaa. it was fun that time. after we took the certificate and our testimonial, we went out and made a crowd of geng of ourselves. it was merrier than ever. we signed and signed.at clothes,at the backs, at the shoes. like mine, i let them signed on my shoes. ahaa. wait till i uploaded the pictures of my lovely design shoes. hkhkhkhk. after for quite some time, we all hugged and shoke hands and say GOODBYE and FAREWELL. awww. it was so damn sad. haiz. can't forget all the sad sad face though.

heyyy. i already had a new number now. i don't used the old number again because the simcard was accidentally lost by my own mother. haiz. what to do. so i bought a new one today. yayy! if you wanna know my number, just ask me ok? i will give you.

so, this is the end of my story for today. tomorrow i have a flight to catch. haiz. its around 0950. have to be there by 0800. i absolutely still snoring at the peak of hour. ahaa. well, gotta go. miss me and i will miss you too. ehe.

p/s i miss you all my friends.

neelwana, phristella, elliecia, debra, eveleyn, resty, shyarrine, sylvia, stevenson, bryan, raphael and daphiny. i miss you all dearly.

thanks for reading :)

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1 more paper left..

countdown. countdown.
left 2 days more.
left 1 more paper.
paper 1, 2 and 3.
what would it be then?
i always failed in that subject.
only pass the exam at the first term exam.
then after that..
i kept failing..
and failed..
and failed again.
does it worth it again?
but even though its in that way, i just continue on what i am doing now.
i will score and do my very best in that exam.
never gonna turn my backs on repeating the same mistake.
i know i can.

God bless to all who are taking the exam this month.
do your very best because this aint coming twice in our life.
its once in a lifetime.
good luck all.

p/s i will miss the whole school lifetime.
like what shyarrine told me,
school life is the best time time of our our life
i will miss you all my friends..

thanks for reading :)

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