sadly we are all school leavers =(

haiz. we are the school leavers already. ahaa. can't believe it but its true. well,our last paper just now was the chemistry paper 3. it took only 1 hour and 30 minutes and i finished the paper only about an hour. maybe it didn't come to an exact of an hour. ahaa. as i done the last section,i saw bryan called on the invigilator and he made the signal that he wanna went out.

"gosh" i said.

he went out from the room,took his beg and went down the stairs. i glanced at debra and elliecia. they were both doing their own project. ahaa. too focus on completing and answering the question. about a few minutes after that,i put my hand up and told the invigilator that i had done and wanna went out. she came and took the question paper and smiled.

"bring that paper as the memory for you"she said.

i smiled. took my beg and went off.

i sighed.

at last the exam is over. spm is done! as i went down the stairs for the last time (wuhuuu),i heard chit-chat from the below and as i reached the spot,i saw shyarrine, bryan, resty and stevenson were there chattering about. as i approached them, bryan said;

"ahaa. u came out late than i do," and bryan smiled.

then, we were chattering about the exam and all. EVERYTHING! gahh! then, one by one my friends came. evelyn, phristella, neelwana, emmalin, debra and elliecia. we were smiled at each other. ehee. it was fun though. then, i sat down on the floor.

nayhh. nobody cares if i sat down on the floor.

then, bryan and neelwana joined me. ahaa. at least there are some people that joined me in the end. after that, we talked and talked about the past and the future. it was a flashback of every memories that we all have together. then, the moment of sadness came. bryan took out his handphone and played the sad saddest song. guess what song? its "pergi" by Aizat. aiguu. there's tears in my eyes that about a few seconds would drop anytime. wuhuu. im so freaking sad. its all bryan's fault! iskhh.

after that, we went to the DEWAN TERATAI to take our "sijil berhenti sekolah". along the way, resty told me, neelwana and bryan to sign our signature at her clothes. her baju kurung ma. ehe. we all surrounded her and made the signature. then came glenda, eunice and raphael. the crowd went so wild though. ahaaa. it was fun that time. after we took the certificate and our testimonial, we went out and made a crowd of geng of ourselves. it was merrier than ever. we signed and clothes,at the backs, at the shoes. like mine, i let them signed on my shoes. ahaa. wait till i uploaded the pictures of my lovely design shoes. hkhkhkhk. after for quite some time, we all hugged and shoke hands and say GOODBYE and FAREWELL. awww. it was so damn sad. haiz. can't forget all the sad sad face though.

heyyy. i already had a new number now. i don't used the old number again because the simcard was accidentally lost by my own mother. haiz. what to do. so i bought a new one today. yayy! if you wanna know my number, just ask me ok? i will give you.

so, this is the end of my story for today. tomorrow i have a flight to catch. haiz. its around 0950. have to be there by 0800. i absolutely still snoring at the peak of hour. ahaa. well, gotta go. miss me and i will miss you too. ehe.

p/s i miss you all my friends.

neelwana, phristella, elliecia, debra, eveleyn, resty, shyarrine, sylvia, stevenson, bryan, raphael and daphiny. i miss you all dearly.

thanks for reading :)

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