beautiful scene

ain't the scene wonderful. i captured lots and lots of pictures in sabah that time.

but seriously i ain't got the chance to snap the pictures of the hottest guys there

ahaa. it was a fun trip and exhausting at the same time. my family and I went to the one borneo, the hypermall and many places. the hypermall was indeed a hyper! i love to go there again. every shops that i entered was all selling branded item and accessories. haiz. i spent most of my pocket money there.

without using the car that we had rent, my parents and I went to the Philippines market near the Le Meridien Hotel. we walked and walked almost the whole day. yes, i say! i love watching the sight-seeing. i love the time when the nights come and then we would went to the night market to buy foods to fill in our appetite. raw fresh fishes, cuttle fish and squids were seen everywhere. the smell of delicious delicacy were sense everywhere. i can't stop from sniffing the good foods.

as i walked by the stalls there, i saw a guy. yes, a typical sabahan guy. what makes me attracted to him was his t-shirts. i love the sayings on the back of his shirt. you wanna know what was it?

but i design the banner above myself. ehe. only the sayings that i had remembered. the guy that was using the t's was quite an attractive too. ahaaa.

its almost the end of 2009. arghh. can't even believe that its year end already. then, it will be 2010. wahh. the year past so fast. can't believe i am getting older now. ahaaa. whatsoever.

i miss my fellow geng, my fellow girlfriends and my fellow classmates. i miss you all my friends.

p/s friends FOREVER!
i make this banner of our names.

thanks for reading :)

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