February 2012

FEBRUARY 1st, 2012
1335 HOURS

ah yes. it's the first day in the month of February. great day ay ? i woke up early this morning at 9am. oh well that's quite early for me since i am on semester break now. bahahaha ;D
it's been a while this blog become rusty with all the memories, dark and bright memories. even my grammar and vocabulary now are all rusty. danggggggggg !
no worries on that. at least i still can wrote in English. back to what i am today.

yeah yeah i know my smile is gettin' slanting than ever but ah my eyes, my eyebags seem visible again. it's been a while i don't have my eyebags since the day i entered University. been a good girl lately.
gahhh shit !

my hair ain't fluffy but it's wavy and i'm lovin' it.
actually i don't even had a clue to type about what but still my hand eagerly typing.
my lappy is gettin' flat without battery.
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;D

thanks for reading :)

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JANUARY 12, 2012
1243 HOURS

heyyyyy it's been a while since i last updated this blog of mine. oh my gosh. 2012 already. how time flies so fast and get to think of it, i'm entering my adulthood now :') almost on reaching 20 now. never thought it would be this fast.

old posts old memories managed to delete them all just now.
just so you know, mostly what that i had gone through for the past 3 years were all in black and white here on blog. so i was thinking just now, why tend of keeping it here when you just can delete it all and don't think of it anymore ?
and so i delete all of the past and past posts.
smiles and tears and heartbreaks were all just the past times. nothing gives me the courage to live on rather than reading those old posts.

well, back to what is present today :)
later at 1630, my friends and I, all 9 of us will be off to KL. goin' round round and just spending time together with all of us Borneo-ians. just like one whole big group of friends goin' out together. can't wait for that. then on the 14th, will be off to Miri.
sound as if like i'm travelling like a working adult :P as if. well, in the future, it might be happening to me.

anyways, that's all that i can post for now. don't know what to think of actually.
thanks for reading and God bless ya !

officiallly by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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