last night

JANUARY 17th, 2010
0945 hours

it was a crazy & wild conversation that i had last night. yaaa. last night. at first, we text & text since 8pm maybe. i forgot already. then after a long texting hour, he asked me to call him and don't ask why. i was like urghh? so, i dialed his number and i didn't have to wait long because he immediately picked it up. ehe. we talked and talked and laughed non-stop. omg. i never laughed that hard ever before. he just love making jokes and made me laugh on top of my voice. then, there's this conversation that we had that i will never ever forget.

him : actually i had something to say but i don't know how to begin it. how arr?
me : you want to say what??
him : wait. wait. [ breathe in ] okay. okay. i am afraid to say it to you.
me : why wanna be afraid? its not like i am in front of you right now.
him : but i can see your vision of face right now. in front of me.
me : alarrr. just don't think like that. just say what you want to say.
him : better no need then. i really don't have the guts to say it.
me : aeee. just say it bh. i want to know.
him : okay. okay. emmmmmmm. i.m.y.
me : arrr? imy?
him : yaaa. i.m.y. i just wanna say that to you.
me : what's imy? i don't know that word eyyy.
him : aeee. you purposely say that you don't know. indeed you know it too bh.
me : ahahaaa. okay. its i miss you aite?
him :: yaaaaaaaaaaa. now you know it. just now you purposely say you don't know. neyy.
me : ahahahaahaha. just PURPOSELY say like that bh.

then, there's a lots and lotsa topics we talked about and i am sooooo not good writing so many of it. ahaha. sorry. but overall after talking with him on the cellphone, it was silly and hilarious though. i laughed the most during our conversation. it was like urghhh. like what he had said " feel layannnn jk palak after say those 3 words ". and i was like ... wtf? ahahaa. as if taking the nospen though. ehe

anyways, i felt soo crazy last night and i am sooo eager to meet him again. geez. wanna pinch those cheeks of him. ahahahaa.


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