gain the spirit?

JANUARY 4th, 2010
1237 hours.

i went to the school this morning. the school still looked the same for me. i recalls many memories. for 5 years i study there. now i realize how that school gives me the effect. i really miss the whole school life i had. with my friends & teachers. too much sweet & bitter memories that were unfold and tie with a ribbon and placed inside a big giant enormous box of memories.

school life is the life of joyful that i will never ever ever forget.
i love my school.
i love my teachers.
i love my friends.
i love my buddies.
i love them all.

if only i wish i can stay and recall all the memories at the school for as long as i like.

anyways, i just cry again today. i feel so sad. i don't know why. my tears now are easily to fall down and i can't bare shedding it again. i can't bare it at all. i'm too weak. too weak to love. somehow, i tried. i manage and all i wish now is that, i want to be happy.

i'm happy go lucky.

thanks for reading :)

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