further study :(

APRIL 19th, 2010
1000 hours

exactly 10am i am gonna write this blog. ahahhaha. its been a while already. well, now i'm quite busy and kinda lazy to write anything in my blog and so, i am writing it now.

this past few days were not that original. all i want to say is that, the past days were not the usual day that i've been gone through. this weird occasion started after i knew that i've been given the offer to study at Matriculation Labuan. since then, my mom never get mad at me and yeah, i noticed several changes also. before this, she always nag nag nag and nag at me almost every hour.

and frankly speaking,
i miss her nagging now
very much.

this Tuesday, daddy will be coming back here from Qatar. how i miss daddy too. surely i know, it will be different. surely daddy looks differ because maybe he'll be way thin than he was before. i can't wait for him to come back. just can't wait. daddy, i miss you already :')

back to the main topic, besides me going for Matriculation, there were also my other friends that join me too. okay, okay. i list 'em for you :)

  • stemarlia ( me )
  • neelwana
  • shyarrine liah
  • evelyn intik
  • anisia
  • azilla
  • dygku nurul hafizah ( pjah )
  • ummi h
  • ummi k
  • anthonia
  • claire
those are whom had confirmed that they are going for Matriculation and yeahhh,
i know i won't be alone after all.
i have them :)

others, that are still not confirm yet are bryan rundi and geoffery.
i can't talk more because its your own choice too to decide.
i'm just going there and study and get good pointer.
i'm determined nowadays.

thanks for reading :)

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