i cried AGAIN today

APRIL 16th, 2010
1227 hours

heyyya peepsy. today i woke up at around 10am after mr elekson sent text messages many times. erghhhhh. disturbing my sleep. besides that, also received texts from daphy and neel. i quickly got up and took the modem with me. after that, i went downstairs. i plugged in the wires. then, i switched on the pc. after all had be switched on, i quickly clicked the mozilla firefox and opened my facebook ( as usual ). ahahhaha. then, mommy called.

mommy :: you already checked your matriculation or not?
me :: wait mommy. i've just woke up at this very moment.
mommy :: iskhhhh. okay okay. you go checked at the backyard there. our gardening had all been collapsed because of the strong wind this morning and the heavy rain.
me :: ookkkaayyyy. later i checked it.
mommy :: after you checked your matriculation, you tell me A.S.A.P, okay?
me :: yaaaa. surely sure.

tuttt. tuttttt. she hanged up.

i quickly browse to the website.

*just click it to check yours too :)

i key-in my ic number and there, as i wait i kept saying

please be strong, be strong, be strong.

after that, the result pop out. yay! i got it! i got matrix at Labuan. uhuuu. the first intake though for this year. they gave me 1 year studying. that means only 2 semester. waaaa. i must study hard for that. really study hard. sobsob. i don't feel like typing anymore. i'm happy and sad at the same time. i just can't describe my feelings now. i cried when i got to know what will happen if i further study there.

i thought about lots of things.
about families that i will be far away with.
my friends.
my closest friends.
mr elekson.

uhuuuuuuuuuu. what to do. i will miss them all.

thanks for reading :)

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ddy the writer! said...

aawww.. congrate gal. study hard k?
abt the family, sooner or later u will have to be far away from them. its normal. juz be tough. ;)

stemarliachocyyy said...

thanks for the advice, dear. i will study very very the hard for that. just can't wait to study again :)

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