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AUGUST 31st, 2012
1202 HOURS

Hello lovely bloggers and readers. As it is today, on August 31st, it's the Independence Day for all fellow Malaysians. Happy 55th Independence Day to all :) 

Today's entry isn't gonna be about Independence Day in Malaysia but it's kinda the independence day for me to start to move on and never to look back on stuffs that had happened on the previous years. I admit it to myself that this month, this year of 2012 is a tough year indeed for me. On previous posts, I kept posting about Gabier this and that. But frankly, I need to move on despite the feelings that I had were no longer true. I care. Yes I do. But because of those circumstances and problems, I can't bare it any longer. I doubt to myself and I doubt in this stuffs. Before I could get hurt any further and deeply emotional, I should just back off and move on. Yeah that's what I do now. From now on, I am moving on. Moving on from him. From Gabier. Why didn't I realized about it in the first place that I was just an option and just for entertainment and for fun ? I should've just walk away and leave him there. But because of sympathy and care, I stayed. How I hate my habit of being so caring in a sense. How I wish I could delete and remove that kind of habit permanently. 


I need to get it all over now. Tomorrow's the new day. New month. New life for me. No more playing. No more fooling around. All I have to do now is focus on my studies and have fun on the same time. I'm not gonna create any drama with emotional stuffs like what I'm dealing with right now. It's all about feelings and love and whatever it is. 

All I can say now is that I'm moving on and that's it. The previous posts about Gabier, I won't gonna delete 'em 'cause it'll be a lesson taught for me and even guidance for me in the future. Once I had cared too much, I hurt too much. Farewell to the oh so drama world and for my September's wish, all I want is good grades, gonna focus on my studies and live happy yet jolly life. 


officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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