The Past Hurts

AUGUST 28th, 2012
1022 HOURS

Blessed morning fellow readers and bloggers :) Today I feel quite energized and I don't even know why. Haha. I woke up early for the first time in this month. Don't even had a clue why I did. Sounds quite stupid in a sense. Yeah yeah yeah. Well last night, Gabier suddenly called me while I was still tweet-ing. To my amazement, I never expected he would called. It seems like after I had wrote about him yesterday in this blog, that is the previous post before this post. Hard to believe. Yeah. I can't believe it at first but then to my ego-ness, I did not answered his call. So yeah I'm arrogant on this. I waited and waited for the call to end and just neglected my cell away. About half an hour after that, I decided to sent him a text. Err well even there's the ego in me, I still have that good intention though. Hahahaha. Lame. Back to that occasion again, I sent him a text saying, 

" Hey. Why did ya called just now ? "

Sounds like too harsh and it seems like I was quite busy like hell on the time he called me. Hahaha. Imma mean girl in this. Damn. Then he replied it.

" Just wanna inform you that I'll be goin' there maybe on the night of 28th or 29th, my dear."

I was like urghhhhh okay. Then we text and text up until 11. He even said he can't wait to finally meet me and spent time with me. Sounds like as if we are couple and so on. Blablablablabla. I just followed on with the flow then. I'm just too good in faking stuffs. Shit to that. The fuck. Fuckk. Well yeah I even promised him that I'll be picking him up at the bus terminal. Double fuck ! Ahhhhhhhh. Sighhhhhh. 

I need to chill about this. All I know now is that I just don't love him the way I used to love him before. Even if I have to fake and pretend to be that one girl that he used to know.


I just don't know how will I react when we meet later on. This is bullshit but for the sake of being his so-called friend, I am willing then. A friend. Yeah. Fuck to that word. 

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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