For the last time

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2012
1837 HOURS

Helloo fellow readers, viewers and bloggers :) It is Sept 4th today and left 2 more months for my 20th birthday. Wehuuuuuweee. Hahaha. Okay. For this entry now, it is all about Richie. Well, we hang out for the last time yesterday 'cause he went off to Kuching last night and left me here. 

Sob sob sob *sniff*

We hang out just for an hour at the beach. Oh well that was enough then for me. At least we did hang out for the last time. At first, he tend to bring me to the nearest place to dine together but I rejected the offer. I rather just sit and relax and just do nothing and not to spent too much $$. Well, it was his $$ though not mine. That's why it's better to keep it low in budget right ? And so, we went to look for the nearest shop and there we found one store nearest to the Sing Kwong supermarket. He went out of the car and went inside the store. While waiting for him to come back, I tuned on the music and there it was the song of awesome-ness entitled " I won't give up " by Jason Mraz. Quite a coincidence then. I sang along to the lyrics and when it comes to the chorus part, he came back in the car and gave me the plastic containing 2 bottles of Minute Maid Pulpy and one packet of Choki Choki chocolate paste and I was like so excited when I saw the Choki Choki. He just laughed and smiled after seeing my reaction. Hahaha. Crazy eh. Then he drove near to the beach and we hang out there. Sat on the grass and just watch the sunset. Mmmm. It was a pleasant Monday as it was. We talked and talked about lots of stuffs as if we never hang out before. I still remembered that one moment where I asked him this, 

Me :  Do you want this choki choki ? It's like I'm the only one eating this stuffs. 
Him : No no no. Go ahead and just ate it then.
Me : Or you want me to give it to you ? You want to feed you ? *Grin*
Him : Hahaha no no. No need.

* I peeled off the upper part of the choki choki and try to feed him *

Him : Eh eh eh no I said no. *Smiled*
Me : Seriously common I'm trying to feed you this.
Him : No I don't want. No need.
Me : Okay okay no need then. I will eat this myself. Hmphhhhhhhh.

* He smiled and laughed and looked at me like I'm a crazy girl *

I teased him real bad. Real real bad. Hahaha. But I don't mind at all. At least there's the memories of stupidity between us. After that one hour of laughter and we just talked and talked, he decided to sent me home. 

Him : Come. Look at the time. It's late already. We go take it slow. Slow slow.
Me : What ? Slow slow ? Whatttt ? *Grin*
Him : Heyyyyyyyy ! Don't think about other stuffs. Urgh.
Me : Hahahahahhaa I didn't even think about negative stuffs okay ? :P

And so we entered his car and went on slow as he had said. We continued to our topic and talked and talked. Upon arriving near the front gate of my house, he parked the car right next to the side. All of a sudden, he pinched my cheek. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh. He laughed and smiled widely. Eeeee. I wanna pinch his cheek in return but he swift away. Damn. I said goodbye to him and just went out of his car. I walked on and just swift the plastic bag containing the remaining choki choki. Hihihi. He drove away and away. 

That night, he text me.

Him : Hey. Missing you already :(
Me : Awwwww I miss you too.

We continued our text till morning. He was in the bus that time goin' all the way to Sri Aman. Pity him. I knew he was damn tired that time. Exhausted. Plus that morning, he went to his friend's house to do this tattoo stuffs. Wanna look at his tattoo ? 

Well here it is :) I told him that the tattoo was damn awesome. Urgh. Crazy.

I miss him already and each day. Even we only knew for about 2 months only, you have been the awesome friend to me, Chie. Quite. I don't know whether we are friend or what now. Hahaha. Whatever it is, I appreciate everything and every moment that we spent together. Sounds sweet and yeah we are currently texting each other now. Plus, we even shared the same hobby of watching the stars at night. A habit in a sense. Hew hew hew. I love this. I love thissssss !

Okay. I end this entry now then. Take care fellow readers and bloggers. Muahhhhhhhh ! 

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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