morning text message

MARCH 2nd, 2010
0930 hours

this morning while i was still sleeping soundly, i suddenly woke up because of the drilling sound from my neighbour house. geez. disturbing my lovely sleep. and so, i woke up. i looked at my cellphone.

1 text message received

i opened the text message. it was from unknown number. i read it. it was from the AMB. know whats AMB? i bet u do for those who knew it.

AMB : Akademi Memandu Budiman

yargghhh. i know its kinda lmao for me to spell it but because i want to type. so, i type then. okay. get back to the topic. after i read the text message, i ran down the stairs to give a call to my mum. i dialed her number. about 15 seconds, she answered. i asked her whether i should or should not follow the amali that fall on this thursday at 0745. after a long talk, finally she agree about it. and so, i replied the text. urghhh. why does the amali so early? the other day, mr william said about 2 weeks from the date we follow bengkel, text messages will be sent to the fellow candidates. but its not even 2 weeks yet. its just a few days after. its not that i dont like it. i loike it so much. early courses, early it will be finish. ahahaa. cant wait to drive the car.


ahahahaa. cant wait to go cruising with myself and with my hand on the wheel. hihi.


thanks for reading :)

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