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FEBRUARY 16th, 2010

2137 hours

tuning to the music at my blog. nice eyy? ehe. monica also said she loveeee the song. hihi. its been a long longggg longggggggg time since i last listening to that song. the last time was when i was form 4. when i couple with the dork. ahahahaa. well, past let be past. whats the most important is the present. its not that, the song is about me and the dork. no way, man. you are totally out of my mind!


huh. just now, my mum, my lil brother and me went on shop-shop around bintulu. ahahaa. well, thats what i called shoppinggggg though. we went to farley, both sing kwong and anddd we went to lots of places. cant name it all. agagagagaaaaa. as if i never been to bintulu before. ehe. totally wacko.

now, currently texting with daphiny rini. we're talking about school life and now we're talking about memories. uhuu. she's the one that always be with me when im in sadness and have problems. almost all about my love life and even my personal matter i share with her. we share almost about everything. i love you, daphyyyy :D and here's one of the pictures that we took at the time we were still in school.

still have lots and lotss of it in my friendster album. ehe. we were really addicted on taking photo shots at that age. uhuuu. miss the school days. miss the laughter. miss the naughty hour. miss the guys. opssss. i meant miss the friends. ehe. okay okay. i upload more of the photos.

this was daphy's shot. she was the one that snap-snap the pictures and my face were like ...... urghhhh. :D

i reallyyyyy love making those kiss-lips . ehe.

and this picture. :3 i lovee them. from the left that is me, neelwana and daphyy.
i miss those time. i love them. they're are my BFF. totallyyy fuckin' lovin them.

not to forget my D'KREPTSENSES friends.
i love you all too.
miss to hangout again.
again i upload this pictures.
when we had finished our last SPM paper that was CHEMISTRY on that day.

no edit. just the simple and original photo taken from eunice.
thanks, eunice :)
really appreciate it a lot.

i SAYANG you all, my dearest kanjez.

thanks for reading :)

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Anonymous said...

hehehehehe..i do love this song..
btw,memory skolala yg paling best sekali..

stemarliachocyyy said...

yaaaa. i totally agreee 1001% with you, mon2.
ehe. i miss schooling again bh. bosaannnn sgt diam rmh je. syik tnm anggur aja2.

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