the memories will never ever fade away :')

OCTOBER 28th, 2011
2120 HOURS

hey loves :) after all this time, i never thought i had the chance to blog again. well, here i am. blogging once again. posting about what things topics or something i might think it's exciting. let us continue reading then. this past few months was quite challenging. well, you see there's the ups and downs of life. challenges everywhere. circumstances faces everyday of our life. yeah right i'm bluffing.

okay. now it's about the heart expression :')

since February 4th, 2011 i'd been alone till now. the period of 2 years and 3 months with you. but seriously the memories, the good, the bad, the sweetness, the bitterness and everything. just because i finally got over everything, it doesn't mean there aren't days when it all just come rushing back again. i wonder why until now i never intend on looking for the love as what i had left that day of February 4th ? i'm not forcing myself to fall in love back again. it's just that i don't have the heart to do so. but somehow, the feeling of liking & admiring that someone are just so typical for a person like me. it's normal. but again, the feeling superb feeling of love haven't bloom yet in me. maybe in a sense that i'm growing up now and i'm having that mature thinking of my own future and even of my own family and career that i'll be taking to survive when i get to that exact point where i'll be thinking of marriage and families and somehow creating my own family future plan.

but seriously i don't know what to react and what to feel after that February 4th. see ? until now, i still remember that date. should i or shouldn't i remember that ? exactly it's 9 months distance towards my birthday on November 4th.

well, nothing but hopes on high and God bless on your relationship with her :) i pray so that you'll be happy forever with her and even i know you'll be marrying her soon enough.
i'm happy for you :')
take care of her 'cause i know you'll be a good husband-to-be and a good protective father-to-be soon. you'll be great in anything you do 'cause you have that determination.
you'll be okay and be blessed in everything you do.

again i'm happy for you, Elekson :)

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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