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AUGUST 20th, 2011
2249 HOURS
for real, after all this time, i've updated my blog for almost 2 months maybe disappearing out to nowhere. you gotta know that bloggers do need their passion in writing a blog though. not just simply whams it all up just like you post status on facebook. yeah right. well, i outta make some changes for now. thinkin' of all the ups and downs that i've been through this past 2 months that i'm goin' off with blogging. missin' it too but yeah got nothing to say back then. but now, i have tons of topics to be post onto here. but for sure again, it takes the right time and the right moment to post it all.
this past few days, i kinda have a heart that had been slightly broken and several cuts and bruises. yeah i know it's just a metaphor but you know what i meant about right ? guys oh guys. they just keep saying things without having relevant proof or even have the intention to even ask about the matter. they just love playing it all the rough way. i admit they do. even the slight-est matter were brought up like a big, huge and enormous matter like damn !
i like this one guy way back then but just because of the reasons that we were far away from each other was such a failure. i, myself in return really seriously dislike to force people especially him on taking chances. his life. his choices. the only thing that he kept saying was

" be my future "
i still remember everything seriously everything but the other day we got in a huge fight. just because of this one guy that goes sweetie love dove to me, he just barge in and ambushed me like i'm the very victim that's totally dangerous to him. in all of a sudden, he sent me a text saying all those F stuff.
don't you really know that i really hate guy's that say such a thing when you're totally innocent ?
and i was like oh my gosh. i was totally depressed, hurt and obviously being torn off apart. we argue and argue till hours. i was hurt in the process of telling him the truth. but still he tend to say that i was wrong and this and that. what a failure i feel. at the end, all i thought of was to end all of this at once. i told him and i told him goodddddddd ! i end it all that very night and yeah i ended it. that very last text was the last text that i received from him. and so do i. maybe.
life must go on. and so do the world. spinning and swirling without caring about the altitude. shit. i'm talking about geometry for goodness sake. life's all about surviving. once you lost in a battle, get up back again and strike back. surprise your opponent and exclaimed that you're not a coward and will make a difference. even they say no, turn away and said " watch me ".
* i post on what i feel and no offence. if you're the guy that i'm talkin' about above, just want to say take good care of yourself. maybe this is the best pathway that we should take from now on. i know you love me, but somehow maybe this won't get along too well. just be a good guy and i know you'll find a suitable girl for you soon enough.

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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