result day out plus excited mood burst :)

MAY 19th, 2011
1055 HOURS

guess what loves ? i've passed my result :')
i don't know whether to be happy or to be sad just because of this result.
but i'm quite glad that i've passed this exam.
those 2 semester was the pain in the ass.
but i just can't wait to further study and complete my degree.
i just wanna stop this studying and get to work.
teheeee ~

and hell yeah, i miss that guy !
darnnnnnnnnnn !
last night, we text again :))
i thought maybe he was studying somehow by that time.
well, it's exam week for them now.
so, i decided to disturb him :DD
i took my cellphone and type in the text message.

" weyyy. i miss you :) "

then, i sent to him. i continue with all the onlining thingy on facebook and watching House.
well, it was nearly 11 though last night.
not long after that, my cell vibrates.
i quickly took it and happily saw his name on the screen.
i opened the text message.

" hehe. bok jak mok msg tek "

it means that " just wanted to text you just now actually "

and i was like yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :DD
then, we continue texting and texting and texting till 1 in the morning.
i decided to stop the conversation not because i was sleepy but i need my rest.
tired of all the drama from morning :)
therefore, i sent him the text.

" eyy. i want to sleep. ada masa kita text2 gik oh :) miss you everyday. nights and bla bla bla "

won't get into detail about that.

won't get to tell about others too.
privacy is important :))


i just can't stop from admiring and liking him since the first time i know him.
it really does and its kinda heal my heart when he said he miss me too :'c
sadly, i don't called it love.
still, i can't opened my heart to anyone.
seriously i mean it.

anyways, a guy like him is too perfect to be called love for me.
too perfect.
we'll be friends :)
because being the closest friends won't be tough.
nothing can separate us from sharing everything :))))

officially by stemmy stemot :))

thanks for reading :)

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