MAY 7th, 2010
1350 hours

first of all, i want to thank Sis Ddy for the tagging. frankly speaking i never been tag before on this blog thingy and yeah, this is my first time. thanks again to Sis Ddy.

[ sound as if wanna make a speech up there. HAHA :D ]

okay okay. let's answer the questions shall we :)

Apa yang anda akan buat bila anda tahu member anda tikam belakang anda?

What will u do if u know that your friend has been back stab on u ?
:: erghhhhh. gonna go confront them and punch them in the face. not gonna give any discount on that.

6 orang di hati anda?
6 people in your heart?
:: my parents and that equals two of them, my brother ( souven jawa ) , my lil bro ( leo ) , mr elekson and God :)

Anda rasa anda comel?
Do u think u're cute?
:: oh my. i don't think so that i am but i got compliments also about that. HAHA. why don't ya ask for others opinion then :D

Single or taken?
:: i'm taken already baybeyhh by Mr Elekson Tadong. hihi :D

Blog yang anda suka?
Blog that u like?
:: i've got tons of them. can't list 'em all though. once the headlines title attracts me, then i will read it. no matter from who the author is. i love what i'll love. from gossips to sad stories that people post at their blog.

adakah bilik anda kemas setiap hari?
Do u clean your room everyday?
:: errrr. naaaa. not everyday. but only on weekends. i'm a lazy person. [ THAT'S THE TRUTH ]

Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
The last song u listening?
:: Last Train Home by Lostprophets.

Last text message?
:: from Neelwana. she's saying that she's at Labuan now. telling every experience that she had there. hihi.

Last phone call?
:: from Elliecia. that is this morning. she asked me to go hanging out at Medan Jaya but i rejected. just because, i was at the clinic at that hour. i'm sick though :) but yeahhh still i can smile.

Hari terakhir anda menangis?
Last day u cried?
:: the day before yesterday that is on Wednesday. i cried because of Mr Elekson. he said such a mean mean mean words till i cried right in front of my mom. luckily, i managed to shed it away before she started realizing about it :')

List lima color favorite anda?
List down 5 of your favorite colours?
:: black, blue, red, purple and orange.

Orang terakhir anda ber-YM?
The last people chat with u in YM?
:: with this Singaporean guy. [ hot guy :) hardly to admit it. but from the webcam, he is hot ;) ] have to keep his identity hidden. he don't want nobody to know his looks are awesome. HAHA.

Game paling anda suka?
Your favorite game?
:: Red Alert 2 [ with cheat codes ] oh yeahhh.

Adakah anda peminat MCR?
Are u a fan of MCR?
:: yeahh. that was back then. now i seldom listen to their songs. not even once.

Apa perasaan anda jawab tag ni?
What do u feel when u answering this tag?
:: i feel NOTHING. haha. naaaa. it is quite a fun questions. kinda give the boost at this boring day.

Anda rasa tag ini best?
Do u think this tag interesting?
:: naaaaa. no comment on that :)

Tag lagi 10 orang
tag 10 other people
:: yeahh. i'll tag y'all :)


i'm just tagging though. do answer the questions eyy :)
thanks for reading :)

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