sick day till i'm gonna die

yeah, i'm sick now. but still i can go online. am just so stupid. erghh. this week is a bad week for me. i'm getting sick and it gets worst and worst everyday. this morning, i went to the clinic at where my mom were working at that is at the polyclinic. i know, that clinic is just for babies and women who are pregnant but i have no choice. my mom insisted i went for scanning and so, i did. Doctor Endang Susilawati was the one that did the scan on my stomach. she said she want to check my kidney. for both side. at first, she checked my left kidney. as i saw on the scan screen, i saw no difference but once she called my mom, i knew it won't be a good news. she told my mom that there is something growing at my left kidney. it didn't even reach up to 1 cm. the doctor told that, it is not that serious. but my mom said that i should undergone operation to cut that thingy on my left kidney. when i heard that, i was clueless. i can't said a thing. i don't want any operation. i don't want some doctors and nurses at the hospital to operate my body. no, i don't want to.

i tried to be strong and pray for the best.
hoping that my health won't get worst than ever.
hoping that i will heal soon.

just now, after my mom came back from work, she told me that, i should undergone operation to cut that growing thingy. i became numb. she kept saying that, the operation is a must. and i will be operate when i go back to Bintulu at this Hari Raya holiday on the month of September. hopefully i have been cured at that time. no operating table for me. i don't want it. and again, she told me, from now onwards, i have to drink lots of plain water. ONLY PLAIN WATER. no other drinks. that means no MILO, no COLA, no NOTHING. i just heard with what she said with patience. i never thought this disease that i suffered would be giving me the burden so much.

i will try and i will pray for the healing of my sickness.

and peeps, this will be my last post for this year.
i'm sorry :(

thanks for reading :)

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Azeer Yeyaa said...

tabahkan diri tuh ok?
semoga sembuh semula....

Beautrice Alex N. said...

:( god bless you sis

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