MARCH 7th, 2012
1426 HOURS

heyya readers ;) day by day, i am really keen enough to update my blog. i don't even know why but maybe i am having too much free time nowadays. sigh. i am more on typing a long long long but sometimes short posts on my blog rather than add in on images. there'll be the time i'll post lots of photos then. okay now. back to what i wanna blog on. but wait. what am i goin' to post about today ?

seriously i don't know. what more can i say ?

okay then. back to the day of Sunday. forgot on posting about that day. on the afternoon, i was laying on comfy on my bed when suddenly my phone vibrates. i wonder who's that and i thought that was Haziq.

Haziq was one of my junior way back at SMK Bandar. well a year younger than me.

and so, i looked on my phone. i saw Elekson's name vibrating non stop on the screen of my phone. why suddenly he called of all a sudden ? i doubt. but then i just answered the call.

him : where are you ?
me : errrrr why you asked ?
him : i wanna go to your house now.
me : WHATTT ??! for what ?
him : i am boring now. just now, i went out with my brother's wife. but then, they left me off. common. we go out just for a while.

seriously i was quite blur that time.

me : you mean now huh ?
him : yeah now. i am on my way to your house now.
me : but my mummy's here.
him : as if i care. i parked right in front of your house later.
me : fuck ! no. hell no. don't you dare.
him : i will okay ? faster ! i'll be on my way now. quick !
me : -.-" huh okayyy.

i put on my jeans and tie up my hair. i went downstairs and looked for mummy. i knew she won't allowed me goin' out in all of a sudden like this but i just brave on asked her. unfortunately, yeah she didn't allowed me goin' out. instead, she gave a long long long long lecture and i was like -.-"
Elekson kept on calling and calling. i decided to sent him just texts.

me : sorry but mummy don't allowed me to go out.
him : just say to her that you're goin' out with me. just as effing easy as that.
me : still she don't want. as if you don't know how my situation is.
him : before this, you said you can go out with me. now, vice versa.
me : back then was way different. you were my boyfriend and i am your girl. but now is way different already.
him : yea right. nevermind then if you don't want. i'm goin' then.
me : and again, i am so sorry :'(
him : it's okay.

that's a bit from the conversation we had. still lots of it but no can do i typed it all right ? privacy still.

sigh sigh sigh.
yeah i know. i still keep in touch with my ex. most of them. but still it is sad to not goin' out with him :'( plus, i'm not that new in this not-going-out thingy. used to it since before. what more can i say. i am the only girl in this family besides my mum. patience on. i don't blame her 'cause that's her responsibility too and because of that my siblings and i never intend on goin; out regularly. not the type of goin' out everyday.

still, Elekson and me had promised on goin' out together again. well he did and i did. so, that means both of us right ? effing much. crazy but then, i am okay with it. someday we will go out again.

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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