my day of NOTHING but BORED

JUNE 14th, 2011
1400 HOURS

its Tuesday and i never did realized it. staying at home like this didn't make me realize about almost anything. doing nothing like exactly nothing is bored. if i go out or ever release my tension to the beach nearby, well my mood will be a lil bit okay. but it doesn't mean i have to do that everyday. surely it'll be bored for sure.
finally, i've put songs here :)
hope you enjoy that and yeah it does have that deep meaning in my life.
saddens but i won't want to bother.
seriously, the past still haunts me even i didn't thought of it.
the past just flashback back to me. everything. and i have to snap myself out of those past.
those past surely give me a hard lesson to be learnt. now, seriously i keep repeating myself that i still can't open my heart to any guy.

for the guys that i ever rejected, i'm sorry. maybe we're just meant to be not more just a friend.

i never thought i had turned to be like i am now. before this, i was a strong and brave yet still crying like a baby. but now, i am no longer that type of girl. i rather be alone by myself and not to get along with others. the old me is gone. gone forever. i am the new me. the new me that keep rejecting, fragile, hurt and never ending being sensitive. i'm sorry because i am not perfect.

and yeah no relation for now. no mood for that.
but someday, maybe someday there will be a guy that surely gonna open my heart back again.
i know that God will surely lead me to the way that he want me to take.
i put my whole trust in Him :')

officially by stemmy stemot :)

thanks for reading :)

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