this past few days

SEPTEMBER 14th, 2010
1951 HOURS

regarding the title above, i just wanted to say that this past few days, titus gave me a call. but i didn't answered it. it's not i accidentally and purposely didn't answered it. i was having my dinner at that hour when he called. i was quite a shocked to know he called.

i wondered why did he called.
with my ego on high, i didn't bother to even text or called him back.
about an hour after that, my heart kept saying

" just sent him a text. just once "

and so, i did.
but he didn't replied it.
and again, i sent text messages.
2 text messages.
but still, he didn't replied.
i assumed he already asleep at that time.
i gave up sending him texts after that.

that night, i kept wondering..
why on earth he called me..


before this, he did sent me text message.
forward message though.
but i didn't replied it at all.
i was still not in the mood to be nice to him.
then, few weeks after that, he called.

what's with him?

i hate assuming things because i knew in the end i would be hoping on high on hopes that couldn't be satisfied at all.


i wanna know why you suddenly changed your mind in searching for me?
i just wanna know that.
even before this, when i sent you text messages..
you always said that you had no time for messaging.
even you did said that you don't want to text nobody including me.
i still remember every little things you had said.
every word..
every letters..
still fresh in my mind..
barely i can't erase it at all..
you don't even knew how my heart was hurt at that time when you had said that..
and so, i fulfilled what you wished for that is to not disturbed you ANYMORE.
and now you're the one that is looking for me when i don't even want to look for you.

why you're doing this to me haa?


how i wish we shouldn't get to know each other before this.

it really makes me HURT, tuz..
it really does..

thanks for reading :)

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